Video Website Audit

Is your website assisting your business or just sending potential customers to your competition?

Your company’s number one asset is obviously you and your staff. The second most important thing in your business should be your website. Your website is the virtual employee that works 24/7/365, never calls in sick, never goes on vacation, and requires no benefits or 401k. But if you neglect your website or had someone design your website for looks and not conversions you can be losing revenue every day.

This is where a video website audit can help you. Sometimes looking at your own website you miss the subtle things that should be changed that could help you convert visitors into customers. In addition to these simple changes we look at the more technical aspects of web design in regards to search engine optimization. Most web designers are amazing at what they do and create absolute works of art when it comes to your vision. The problem is sometimes looks don’t translate to new customers.

Some of the things I look at during the video audit are:

  • First Impressions (look and feel, design elements)
  • Images & Content (quality, quantity, size, format, alt tags)
  • Site Optimization (page speed, meta descriptions, page titles, etc.)
  • Broken Links
  • Schema implementation
  • User Experience (mobile optimized, call to actions (CTAs), ease of contact)
  • Functionality (is your website designed to give users what they are looking for)

After your audit is complete, you will receive a link to the video and a roadmap of all the things discussed in the video. Video audits are great because you can see the issues in real time and if you know how fix them yourself; there is complete transparency. If you don’t know how or don’t have the time to do it yourself we can implement the changes discussed in your audit for you.

Depending on the state of your website most fixes can be done in under ten hours. Our hourly rate is $125/hour but we offer discounts over five hours.

To get your free audit you must agree to have your audit publicly listed on our YouTube channel as a promotional video. Any sensitive information that may pertain to your business in particular, such as passwords or proprietary information will not be published. We will conduct a private video audit for the price of $499.

The free promotion and private audit price are for a limited time only.