Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

local leads pay per click

Are you ready to start generating fresh new leads for your business?

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is a very powerful tool for local business owners looking to expand their client base. When done correctly the return on investment is much greater than traditional advertising like newspaper, television, or radio. With PPC your ads are only displayed to potential customers who are already searching for a term that pertains to your business. Why advertise to a broad audience that may not be in the market for a physical therapist when you can dial in your marketing budget to a specific audience using PPC via Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

PPC advertising is a great way to drive quick traffic to your website whether it is a brand new site or an older site that doesn’t get much traffic. Then, depending on your goals, you can taper off your budget as your site and practice gain popularity or increase your budget to keep new patients coming in. Using PPC in conjunction with our phone call tracking service you can track all the calls that are received through your PPC campaigns separate from leads generated from generic SEO. Below is a graph that shows the percentage of people clicking on a website within Google based on its position in the results. With PPC you can control where you are showing in these results based on how much you are willing to bid.

The best example I could give you is to ask some of your friends and family what they do with their Pennysaver or other daily paper that is delivered to their home. Most people read the paper in the morning, like the Daily News or New York Times, then it gets recycled after that one day. With smaller local papers, that have free distribution, most people save one on occasion and look for it when looking for a coupon for a local eatery. Then there are people like me, who do not get a newspaper delivered and when a smaller paper ends up on my driveway it goes right into the trash can; never making it into my house. I opt to strictly get my news via the Internet usually on my phone.

Now think about the cost to advertise in these publications. Can you afford to spend money on these advertisements knowing that a good percentage of people simply do not look at them at all, let alone for a physical therapist? Wouldn’t you rather your ad be displayed ONLY when someone searches the internet for a physical therapist in your town?

We live in an age that when people need a service or product they immediately use their mobile phone, laptop, or tablet to search Google/Yahoo/Bing to find what they need instantly. Getting your site to rank in the search engines naturally takes time, patience, and a little luck. Anyone that tells you otherwise is simply trying to make a sale because no one truly knows how to rank a site in the number one spot other than Google.