Organic Traffic

Organic Traffic

Gaining organic traffic to your website isn’t as easy as activating a PPC (pay-per-click) campaign and having the traffic start instantly. Organic traffic takes time. You need a plan of attack that has multiple fronts and gives value to your targeted audience. Simply writing blog posts of what your favorite TV show is or what your favorite pizza topping is won’t get your website any higher in the search engines for your targeted audience.

You need to three simple things.

1. Organize and optimize your website for organic searches

2. Define your target audience and research what they are looking for

3. Create content to satisfy that need and optimize it for organic search

Not everyone likes reading 1000 word or longer blog posts with a few pictures. Some people like watching short videos or listening to a podcast. Having multiple types of content within your website will satisfy these varying preferences.

Organic traffic can be generated using a multitude of different techniques to increase your rankings in the organic, non paid, listings within the search engines.  Some of these techniques include:


Video Website Audit

website auditingAt Black Rock SEO we offer a video audit of your website which will show you all the on site SEO problems that your website may have. This is the starting point and must be done to build the groundwork for your new and improved online presence. We talk about some basic off site SEO in the audit as well but 80% of the audit is diving into the structure of your website and if the on page SEO is done correctly. Once the audit is complete we send a spreadsheet showing each item that needs to be corrected with your website and the approximate time to fix.

Once the on page optimization is finished we then discuss options to start ranking your website better in the search engines and/or using paid advertising. Some of these services include content writing, off page SEO, citation building, social profile optimization and engagement, and PPC advertising with call tracking.

You can not expect to see results until your website is ready for the big time. Think of your website as your house. You wouldn’t invite company over for a party until you had the house cleaned and all the food and drink purchased ready to go. It’s the same with on site SEO. Don’t start spending money to invite people over until your house is clean.


On Site Webpage Optimization

on page seoAt some point in the life of your business you are going to need a website. There is no benefit to not having a website to reach your customers and potential customers online. Even if you have a small budget, a small website of three pages giving basic information is better than not having a website at all. Yes, having a bigger website with more content is better than a smaller website as it gives you a better chance to rank for keywords potential customers might be searching for, but you have to start somewhere.

Whether you have a three page website or a 300 page website most of the time web designers are designing it with aesthetics in mind and not what the search engines want. That is perfectly fine as you want your designer to design a beautiful website; that’s their job. But you want to get that beautiful website in front of potential customers and to do so you need to optimize the website to please the search engines. It is possible to have both but you need to hire someone with a different skill set to get that website running like a well-oiled machine.

On site optimization is one of the most overlooked aspects of good SEO (search engine optimization) for any type of businesses. It is something that doesn’t take a long time to correct and usually has the biggest bang for your buck after completion. Most SEO providers talk about links, citations, content and other aspects of SEO, which are all very important. But if your on site SEO isn’t correct and optimized to utilize all the off site SEO that is being done you are just spinning your wheels.


Off Site Optimization

google yahoo bing seoOne of the most talked about parts of SEO is off site optimization. This is what most people think about when they hear “Search Engine Optimization”. They think about how many links they have, how many Facebook likes they are getting, or how many reviews they have in Google. All these things are examples of off site SEO and a good plan of action that plays by the rules can really improve your rankings within the search engines.

First and foremost Google is king. Google controls 63.5% of the search volume on the Internet. Most SEOs only mention Google which is fine because they are the biggest in the market……but where are the other 36.5% of people searching? Below is an image breaking down the search engine market share from

off site seo

So websites like Bing and Yahoo are still generating a decent amount of searches and Ask and AOL are still hanging in here, barely. So why ignore the other 37% of people especially when the competition is less fierce at sites not named Google.

The reason I mention this is it takes a good game plan taking into consideration all the search engines available to your potential customers.

Now I’m probably sure if you’re reading this page you’re aware that you need some sort of plan to get your website traffic up and to start generating new leads. I’m also pretty confident someone has emailed or called you promising you first page rankings in Google (again ignoring the other 37%). Any SEO company that promises you rankings is lying, plain and simple. No one can promise any sort of ranking unless they work for Google directly and they want to risk getting fired for giving up Google’s secrets to their algorithm. All SEO companies are guessing what ranks websites and what doesn’t, even us. The truth is everyone has a pretty good idea what to do and what not to do. Some companies favor techniques more than others and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

You may have already hired a company in the past and they promised a #1 ranking for a keyword and they got it for you no problem. My question to you is, does anyone even search for that keyword? Yes some companies will get you rankings for keywords YOU choose. But what you think might be a good keyword actually isn’t. Most of the time if you can rank for a keyword in under a month or two there is a reason. Your competitors already know that keyword doesn’t bring in LEADS and in the end rankings mean nothing unless they bring in LEADS; that’s the whole point of doing SEO in the first place. No one cares about keyword rankings except SEO companies. Unless the phone is ringing or you’re getting emails from new customers then your SEO company is failing you. Keyword research and selection is paramount to any other aspect of a successful SEO campaign.

We also recommend that most SEO clients also start with PPC (pay per click) advertising when starting a SEO campaign. These PPC campaigns will start generating leads while you wait for the converting keywords to start ranking. This helps off set the cost of your SEO campaign immediately. You don’t need a $10,000/month budget to start seeing a positive ROI. Most clients have a budget between $500-$3000 per month and see excellent returns. You can read more about our PPC campaign management here.


Content Writing

copyrightingBlack Rock SEO provides you with content that is professionally written for your website. Of course your professional experience, resume, and your employee’s experience is a good start; But what information should you put on your website? What kind of questions do I need to answer for my current customers and potential customers? What types of content do the search engines want so my website ranks better?

These are just a few of the questions most people ask themselves when they manage their own website. Most people get overwhelmed because some of those answers aren’t as easy to answer as you think. Then you may have an answer but how do you know for sure it is the right answer?

For your website to start ranking in the search engines you must have unique content that web users are looking for. If you, like most professionals, don’t have the time to sit down and write content for your website we do it for you. Our content writers are published authors/journalists and they will write SEO optimized UNIQUE content for your website.

You will always have total control of what you publish on your website but we are available to help make suggestions as to what would be best for your practice. All content to be posted will be provided to you in advance for your approval or if you would like to add your own personal touch.

Our custom content writing service is just another piece of the puzzle that makes Black Rock SEO your total online consulting company.

Citation Building

yelp, google angieslistCitations are mentions of your website and business on third party websites such as Yelp, Google My Business, MerchantCircle, LinkedIn, Facebook, and AngiesList; just to name a few. The key to having good off page optimizations in regards to citations is to have your NAPW consistent across all the websites.

NAPW stands for
• Name
• Address
• Phone Number
• Website

You need to start off with a format you are going to use for each of the above and make sure each and every citation is correct. The search engines take into consideration these citations and any inconsistency in these listings can hurt you.

In addition to getting your citations in these third party websites it is good to submit your website to the four main local aggregators:
• Infogroup
• Neustar Localeze
• Factual
• Acxiom
These four companies supply data to thousands of directories and mapping services giving you many touching points to potential customers.

Citation building is another aspect of SEO, like on page SEO, that is very simple to complete and your financial obligation is low. This service coupled with a well thought out SEO plan will help you gain more organic traffic


Social Profile Optimization

social media seoThere are many places that your business information can be posted. As discussed in our citation building services, you need to be consistent and make sure you’re listed on the most important sites. With social profiles it’s the same concept but with a twist.

Your social profiles are Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest just to name a few. All of these profiles need to be treated as if they are an extension of your already optimized website. Optimizing your social profiles and making sure they link back correctly to your website will just further improve your main website. In addition, having your profiles optimized will make them easier to find within those platforms for keywords searched on those websites. Potential clients use websites like Facebook and YouTube in a very similar fashion as they do with Google Search; especially the younger generations.

For example, if you were a cosmetic dentist you might want to make a video montage of all the successful improvements you’ve made to your patient’s smiles. You need to give this video a title, description, tags, and a link back to your website. It would also be in your best interest to engage users as they comment on the video. But who has the time to check YouTube, let alone a dozen other websites, to make sure they are optimized and engaging with other users? At Black Rock SEO we do all this with your monthly contract.


Custom Video Creation

long island video creationCreating a custom animated video does wonders for getting your business noticed.  There are quite a few things a video will do on your website that text and images can’t do.

Firstly, videos grab a visitors attention and make the visitor interact with the website; by clicking the play button. Most new visitors only stay on a website for 6 seconds if they aren’t engaged by the website. Having a video will assure you to keep visitors longer hopefully peaking their interest to browse your website more.

Web users viewing a video tend to stay two minutes longer and are 64% more likely to become a paying customer.

Videos also answer customer questions. Such as what services you offer, your experience, who your staff is and what they look like, what your office looks like, and so much more. Sure anyone could post pictures and write a little about themselves but having an interactive way to do this makes sure they will see it. In addition, visitors can share your video across social media websites exposing your business to potentially tens of thousands, if not millions, of new customers.

Creating your custom video allows you to tell a story about your business in your own words. You can create a custom script or give us a general idea of what you want portrayed within your video and we will help you write a script. Including pictures of your staff, equipment, and your building will all build a comfort level with new customers.  Most new customers want to know where they are going and who is going to be helping them with whatever purchase they are planning to make.


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