Long Island Dentist Marketing

What is the one question every dental practice asks itself everyday?

How can I get more patients?

how to get more patients
How can you fill your empty waiting room with new dental patients?

This can seem like a daunting task for anyone let alone dentists. Trying to gain new business in any industry is difficult and usually involves a lot of trial and error. That trial and error unfortunately costs money figuring out what works and what doesn’t. It can be an expensive lesson to learn and after going through all your schooling to earn the right to practice dentistry you shouldn’t need to spend more money figuring it out.

At Black Rock SEO we are experts in getting leads to your office. We have over five years experience getting leads for our dental clients and we know what works and what doesn’t. We know the best dentist keywords to bid on, what time of day, what the landing pages should look like and we use call tracking in to keep track of your leads as well as train your employees how to close the leads. All you have to do is practice dentistry; which is what you have trained for your whole life.


If you are currently advertising via other methods, (i.e. television, print, mailers) are you able to answer the following questions?

  1. How many leads did you generate from your last campaign?
  2. How much did each lead cost?
  3. How many leads booked an appointment?
  4. What was the total revenue generated for these new patients this past year?
  5. What was your ROI on the campaign?

Advertising online will allow you to be able to answer these questions with ease. We can work with any budget small or large and as your practice grows we will grow with you. Over 60% of new business is generated via a mobile device searching Google or another search engine for a service needed. If you’re advertising in the wrong places you are missing a huge segment of your potential patients.

We can customize a paid advertising plan to start getting new business in the door as soon as tomorrow. Once you start getting a steady flow of new business we can start investing in your website by starting a SEO campaign to help you supplement your paid traffic with free organic traffic.

I highly recommend starting off your first venture with any marketing company to be solely pay per click based. Pay per click advertising is the best way to get started as it will give you a faster return on your investment allowing you to increase revenue. Once you’ve built a steady stream of pay per click leads that is when we recommend adding a complete search engine optimization package. This package will build content on your website, help claim and correct your various practice listings across the web, as well as working to build quality links to your site helping to increase your rankings in Google.

If you would like to discuss how paid advertising via Pay Per Click can jump start your dental practice; or how you can start building your dentist website to generate organic (free) traffic via Search Engine Optimization for dentists, give us a call or send us a message.